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Leaders in smart parking technology

GPS is the Australasian leader in the design, build, and integration of world-leading parking technology. We’ve built our business on our responsiveness to our customers’ needs and willingness to build customised solutions.

We love the challenge of solving problems that our competitors can’t or won’t, which often leads to world firsts that become the gold standard.

Our technology-focussed team is small enough to move quickly. By working with us you get the peace of mind that comes from using proven, future-proofed technologies, with the knowledge that we’ll continue to innovate on your behalf.

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Kiwi ingenuity in action


Opened for business in Auckland, New Zealand.


Installed first Metro parking terminal in the US (Penn State Harrisburg).


Developed the world’s first truly integrated mobile phone parking payment.


Pioneered real-time credit card processing. Won design award from Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.


Voted ‘World’s Easiest to Use Parking Terminal' by UXalliance. Established world’s largest pay-by-plate parking solution in Brisbane.


Developed MetroLite, the world’s smallest cashless, ticketless pay-by-plate parking meter.


Installed 7000th Metro meter.


Launched ParkEasy: touch-free, app-free parking. Launched EasyView: licence plate recognition parking enforcement technology


Global Parking Solutions was acquired by DCA Cities Holdings.

Our team

Meet a few of our key players

Mark Oliver

Mark Oliver

Technical Director

Mark is responsible for overall business development and management of the Parking Product Solutions team, covering both local and export markets. Twenty-five years in the parking industry.

Jonathan Bell

Jonathan Bell

Product Development Manager

Jonathan is responsible for product development and management of the Product Development team, coordinating all software and hardware development. Fifteen years in the parking industry.

Heidi Jokela

Heidi Jokela

Business Analyst

Heidi is responsible for product testing, user interface design, back office product development and works closely with the product support team. Eleven years in the parking industry.

Anton van den Berg

Anton van den Berg

Technical Support Manager

Anton manages the Technical Support Help Desk, Customer Support Team, the Repair Centre and Field Repair Engineers. Ten years in the parking industry.

Keith Robinson

Keith Robinson

Business Development Manager

Keith is responsible for management of fleet implementations, training, key account management and business development. Fifteen years in the parking industry.

Alan MacKinven

Alan MacKinven

Project Manager

Alan is responsible for the design, delivery and support of the back-office management solutions, third-party integrations and works closely with the Product Development and Sales teams. Twenty years in the parking industry.

Peter Jung

Peter Jung

Business Development Specialist

Peter is responsible for License Plate Recognition camera solution design/business development, and works closely with the Product Development and Sales teams. Nine years in the parking industry.

Blair Bickerton

Blair Bickerton

Business Development Manager

Blair is responsible for business development and key account management for Australia and New Zealand. Four years in the parking industry.

David Simcox

David Simcox

Product Development Engineer

David is responsible for the product testing, product development support and works closely with the Implementation and Production teams. Four years in the parking industry.

Armaguard crew making cash delivery

Parking industry experience counts

“"GPS makes it easy for us to do business by looking at the bigger picture. They understand what we’re trying to achieve. Some people give us a problem for every solution – whereas the GPS team says ‘this is what we are trying to achieve, how can we get there in the most cost-effective way?’" ”
David Gould – Intellico

Looking for a team with a solid track record? You’ve found them.


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