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Auckland Transport
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Auckland Transport

A future-proofed, paid parking operation delivering huge cost savings.

Auckland Transport boasts the largest GPS parking fleet in New Zealand, with 929 parking terminals upgraded to pay-by-plate ticketless technology over the course of six months.


Some of the earliest Metro machines were piloted in Auckland and thanks to its future-proofed modular design, they have successfully been upgraded over the years to the MetroLite, to incorporate the latest payment technologies.


The power of upgrading, not replacing

The same cabinets can be reused to house new components, resulting in cost savings of over 70% when compared to having to replace the entire machine. This also means that upgrades can be done on site, resulting in minimal operational disruption, and metalwork is reused instead of ending up in a scrap heap.


Altogether better for drivers

Auckland Transport’s mix of GPS meters complement the organisation's parking app, to allow for multiple 'pay and walk away' payment options. Drivers only have to return to their vehicles when they are ready to leave.

- Auckland Transport

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