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AUT Millennium
Case Study

AUT Millennium

Taking back control of car parks with the right smart parking technology.

Located in a busy light industrial area, the AUT Millennium sports centre car park was overrun by drivers who had no connection to the facility.


Each day valid customers – gym members, staff, athletes and conference guests – were missing out on work and sport because they couldn’t find a park. It was time for AUT Millennium to take back control of its own car park.


We installed seven pay-by-plate ticketless Metro parking meters in the parking lot, which provided all users 90 minutes free time followed by an hourly or daily rate charge. We also developed, manufactured and installed a parking meter inside the gym to give AUT Millennium gym members an extra 90 minutes free time.


We integrated an online electronic permit system with our Ezicom parking management system. The new permit types mean staff and athletes can now pre-purchase parking at various discounted rates.


In their own words


AUT Millennium’s car park was used by many people who didn’t have a relationship with the facility. So a lot of the time valid customers weren’t able to park. In a nutshell, AUT Millennium needed to take control of their car park while generating an income.”



“We wanted a solution that could be fully customised – not one straight out of the box. Many vendors wouldn’t have been prepared to customise anything for us, because of the relatively small volumes going through. They’d just say ‘why bother?’ But GPS does bother. They’re prepared to service small to medium-sized car park operators like us.”


Software matters most

“A lot of hardware on the market is similar. It's the software behind it that matters most and that’s where GPS stands out. We’ve got a longstanding relationship with the team. We give them very defined requirements in terms of output, but how they meet those requirements is totally up to them.”


Taking back control

“The software built into GPS’ Metro pay by plate meters and Ezicom management system is first-class. AUT Millennium was able to take back control of their car park, providing all users with 90 minutes free parking followed by an hourly or daily rate. Gym members could receive 180-minutes free parking by simply using the meter inside the gym. And both staff and athletes could pre-purchase parking at various discounted rates.”


Easy to do business

“GPS makes it easy for us to do business by looking at the bigger picture. They understand what we are trying to achieve. Some people give us a problem for every solution – they get tied up in the nuts and bolts. Whereas GPS’ team say ‘this is what we are trying to achieve, how can we get there in the most cost-effective way?’.”

- David Gould

General Manager, Intellico

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