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Borough of Haddonfield, New Jersey
Case Study

Borough of Haddonfield, New Jersey

Dual approach to paid parking works wonders for New Jersey operator.

Pay-by-plate technology might be the optimal paid parking solution but it’s not the only one we offer. 


For various reasons, some car park operators still prefer pay-and-display and pay-by-space options. The Borough of Haddonfield is one such operator. It needed a multi-space parking solution compatible with existing street furniture, plus the ability to manage two different long and short-term parking tariffs for each parking bay. And that’s exactly what we gave them.


Good for drivers

The pay-and-display and pay-by-space meters’ intuitive customer interface, along with 3-second average credit card authorisation times, vastly improved the user experience for thousands of drivers.


Built to last

New Jersey’s harsh winters often lead to corrosion. So the stainless steel and aluminum housing construction of GPS parking meters was good news for the borough – as was their small footprint and compatibility with existing street furniture.

- Borough of Haddonfield, New Jersey

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