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Brisbane City Council
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Brisbane City Council

Introducing the world’s largest pay-by-plate installation

Brisbane City Council wanted more than 1,000 customised pay-by-plate meters, and they wanted them fast. And that’s what we gave them, on time and on budget.


The Metro pay-by-plate meters are managed by our cloud-based Ezicom system, which provides a powerful platform for the integration of the council's infringement ticketing and management tools, as well as mobile payment options.


Ongoing advice and upgrades

Council technicians maintain the meters but we provide backup and support as required. This includes a major upgrade to all the Metro meters to accommodate EMV Credit Card compliance. The meters accept coins, credit cards, or debit cards using PayWave or Tap'n'Go technology.


Good for the bottom line

Our parking technology cost 33% less than the allocated CAPEX budget. What’s more, it reduced OPEX by 33% through savings on maintenance, support, and consumables. In the future, there’s potential to reduce the number of terminals through integration of other payment technologies – and reduce costs even further.

- Brisbane City Council

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