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EasyPark Vancouver
Case Study

EasyPark Vancouver

Automated parking enforcement leads to big improvement in compliance.

EasyPark Vancouver is one car park operator winning the war against drivers who refuse or forget to pay, thanks to our willingness to integrate with third-party technology.


We installed 96 MetroLite pay-by-plate meters, then integrated a vehicle-mounted license plate recognition system with our Ezicom central management platform.


Enforcement now not later

Enforcement is now automated since pay stations transmit paid license plate information to Ezicom in real time. Enforcement information is shared via Ezicom's published API allowing real-time enforcement via patrolling vehicles.


A better customer experience

Customers now enjoy a better paid parking experience due to faster credit card processing and advanced user interface.


Easier job for wardens

A vehicle-mounted LPR system allows parking wardens to drive the streets in a systematic way. All they have to do then is listen for audio notifications that alert them to cars parked illegally. The integrated system also accounts for any pre-programmed grace periods and ePermits so that false red flags don’t distract wardens.

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