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Gold Coast City Council
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Gold Coast City Council

Ticketless parking technology that’s good for OPEX costs and the planet.

We’ve been working with Gold Coast City Council since 2005.


 One major installation and two major upgrades later, the relationship’s still going strong. When we installed their original meters, we refurbished and reused the foundations from their old meters to not only save the council money but avoid on-street service disruptions too.


Super smart turnarounds

We were briefed on the first upgrade in late September 2014 and had all 450 meters installed before Christmas Eve. Five years later, we upgraded these meters to pay-by-plate ticketless MetroLite technology to reduce OPEX costs and preserve the environment.


Seamless integration

Today the council’s paid parking runs on an integrated solution linked by Ezicom, our cloud-based system that provides a powerful platform for meters to work with ePermits, a mobile payment app, third-party ground sensors, and an infringement ticketing system.

- Gold Coast City Council

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