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LA Metro
Case Study

LA Metro

Making park-and-ride smarter in the City of Angels

In Los Angeles, local shoppers were taking free parks designed for people to park-and-ride on trains. What LA Metro needed was a paid parking system that verified legitimate users.

Working with the team at Joe’s Auto Parks, we developed an easy way for LA Metro to manage parking availability, and provide discounted rates for commuters, by installing pay-by-plate technology that checked the validity of parked vehicles.

For this to work, we needed to seamlessly integrate our Metro pay-by-plate meters and Ezicom parking management platform with technology from other vendors, like Genetec and Passport. That’s no problem when you love customisation like we do.

Going from free parking to paid parking can be a big adjustment for everyone. But commuters have found the Metro meters so easy to use that there’s been no resistance to the change. Better yet, complaints about lack of parking have fallen dramatically. 

Thanks to our Ezicom portal, the team managing LA Metro’s parking finds it easy to act on alerts, check meters run smoothly, and report on key metrics. With every meter connected to a call centre, potential issues are resolved before they become a problem.


In their own words

“We had a good idea of what we were looking for when we first reached out to GPS. They ticked a lot of boxes, from meters that issued change through to proven integration with third-party software.”


Easy to integrate

“Other vendors could have customised our meters to be fully integrated but I got the feeling it wasn't their top priority. Whereas with GPS, there was excitement straight away. They were all ‘we can do this’ and ‘here's a solution’. Mark and his team are always trying to help us in any way they can. And they've been incredibly flexible – to me that’s huge.”


Easy to install

“GPS sent a team out to help install the first meters. Then in the first week of operation they had somebody here on standby, just in case there were any issues. They did a good job of coaching us on how to troubleshoot too.”


Easy to manage

“We love using GPS’ portal for parking management. Ezicom is everything we need for alerts, checking meters, and reporting on performance – to the point where we rely on it a lot. We’ve found Ezicom very easy to use. Each meter is connected to a call centre, so if a customer has a problem – like forgetting to take their parking receipt – our people know exactly what to do. Sometimes they even see issues ahead of time, and get them fixed before they become a problem for customers.”


Easy to work with

“Joe’s Auto Parks has operated in the parking industry for more than 15 years and GPS is without doubt one of the easiest vendors we’ve ever worked with. Their response time is fantastic – even if it's Friday night here and Saturday over in New Zealand. Here’s an example: when LA Metro decided to offer free parking on election day, GPS made it happen within 5 hours. They've accommodated so many last minute requests and never once made us feel like we've inconvenienced them. It's been a really good partnership.”

- – David Hernandez

Director Operations, Joe’s Auto Parks

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