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New Plymouth District Council
Case Study

New Plymouth District Council

GPS cleans up streetscape with pay-by-space meters, leaves audit trail behind.

Downtown New Plymouth footpaths used to be littered with more than 600 single head meters that were well past their best-by date.


Worse yet, the meters constantly needed emptying and maintenance visits were often a waste of time. But that all changed when we supplied and installed close to 100 pay-by-space meters, which we then integrated with new space sensors as well as the council’s handheld enforcement system.


Convenience for drivers

The new pay by space technology included more ways for drivers to pay, including credit card and TXT-a-Park, which contributed to a noticeable fall-off in the number of parking complaints to the council.


Maximising valuable assets

New Plymouth City Council has been able to maximise the return on its valuable parking asset. It’s spending fewer man hours on both cash collection and maintenance. And relocating meters to higher use areas that attract more revenue.


Full audit trail

Thanks to our full auditing and reconciliation of all money and enforcement, New Plymouth City Council no longer relies on ‘guestimates’ of usage and occupancy. Combined with the benefits of real-time monitoring for both traffic management and enforcement, the upgrade to pay by space meters has been a no-brainer.

- New Plymouth District Council

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