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Tauranga City Council
Case Study

Tauranga City Council

Relieving traffic congestion thanks to ticketless technology.

Tauranga’s population is ballooning, leading to more and more traffic congestion and pressure on downtown parking availability.


To better manage the flow of cars parked along the main streets and car parks, the council installed more than one hundred pay-by-plate parking meters, making them the first council in New Zealand to move to ticketless technology.


Future-proofing parking operations

Pay-by-plate offers far more flexibility to cope with compliance and infringement checking in the future like automatic licence plate recognition cameras. Pay-by-plate also allows for electronic permitting should the council wish to introduce discounted or free parking to pre-registered users and ratepayers.


Smart savings

Since pay-by-plate system meters can be spaced further apart, the council made significant savings on hardware. Likewise, ongoing maintenance costs have plummeted since there are no ticket rolls or ticket jams to contend with. Average monthly call outs have dropped from 130 to 31.


Helping local business thrive

Following the installation of the new meters, local businesses thrived from greater flow of parked vehicles during the day. Restaurateurs and bar owners were not impacted by paid parking during the evenings.

- Tauranga City Council

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