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Cash-free, app-free payments launched with PayEasy

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Jul 28, 2021

PayEasy, a new cashless, ‘app-free’ payment technology, is set to be a game-changer for small businesses, city councils, charities and community organisations.

Launched this month by GPS, PayEasy will replace payments made traditionally with cash, with a minimum of set-up for businesses. Customers simply scan a QR code to be taken directly to a secure online payment portal, where they can pay using one-click Google Pay or Apple Pay, or by entering their credit card details. 

Crucially, customers don’t need to first register or download an app to make payment. GPS’ Technical Director, Mark Oliver, says “There’s been a proliferation of point-of-sale payment apps in recent years. Customers might be willing to download a payment app for a service they use frequently, but if it’s for a one-off or infrequent purchase, the download isn’t worth the hassle. It’s a real impediment to purchase.”

The technology for PayEasy was developed during the Covid crisis last year, initially as a way to safely pay for parking without having to touch a parking meter. City council ParkEasy customers quickly noticed how the technology could be applied to other payments for city council services and amenities, such as boat ramps and refuse stations; and the concept for PayEasy was born. 

Another key change in consumer behaviour driven by Covid restrictions paved the way for a seamless uptake of PayEasy: “During Covid we all became very accustomed to scanning QR codes, so scanning a PayEasy code is very intuitive for customers today” says Mark. 

With no power or hardware required, PayEasy lends itself to a wide range of applications, from fundraising to event stalls. It can also be easily integrated with timed vending systems, such as washing machines, to provide customers with an alternative to cash or tokens.

Watch a quick video to learn more about PayEasy here, or request a quote here.


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