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Invercargill City Council moves to MetroLite

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Dec 23, 2021

New Zealand’s southernmost city has made the move to a more user-friendly, flexible parking solution, with the adoption of pay-by-plate MetroLite Touch meters.

Seventy-nine MetroLite Touch machines have replaced the old ‘lollipop’ meters at all on-street parking spaces and public parking buildings throughout the city. The solar-powered, colour- and touch-screen meters give customers the option to pay using coin, card (via Paywave), or parking app. Parking is paid for ‘by plate’ instead of by parking space, allowing customers to take any unused time with them to a new parking space, if they’re moving around the city.

Council Roading Manager Russell Pearson says this was an exciting move for the city, and had been long requested by the community - many of whom are accustomed to using the MetroLite meters in neighbouring Dunedin and Queenstown.

“The new meters are user-friendly and more reliable. We recognise that it’s time for change to our paid parking system and we’re really pleased to finally be able to offer different payment options and to have a more modern tool for our staff to work with.”

The MetroLite meters use mobile technology to communicate with the council’s parking team via EasyView Plus - a handheld parking enforcement tool that allows officers to instantly capture multiple licence plates using a mobile app. Enforcement data is shared in real time so that all officers can see violating vehicles and digitally ‘chalk’ and enforce them.

Tiered parking tariffs can now be remotely deployed to meters in different areas of the city.

“This will offer a significant ease to parking available in the city centre, and will ensure we can more effectively support our city businesses and retailers by keeping traffic and visitors to the city flowing through” says Russell.

To learn more about MetroLite Touch, click here.
To learn more about EasyView Plus, click here.

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