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Touch-Free Donations with PayEasy

Now your donors can give without cash

In-person giving just got a lot easier, with PayEasy cash-free payments. By simply scanning a QR code, your donors can give using Google Pay, Apple Pay, or by entering their credit card details - all without having to register or download an app.

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Secure and reputable

Donors are taken directly to a secure online payment portal that uses your charity’s branding. They can enter their email address for a donation receipt if they choose to.

No cash? No problem

Donors simply scan a PayEasy QR code to pay using one-touch Google Pay, Apple Pay, or by manual credit card entry. No need for them to download an app, register, or sign up.

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Set up couldn’t be simpler

Simply display a QR code wherever you collect donations, and start receiving payment - no hardware or power connection required.

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Who uses PayEasy?

PayEasy is perfect for charities, community organisations, schools and small businesses who want to replace or provide an alternative to donations or cash payments. It means you can even securely collect payment when you’re not there. It’s the low-cost, smart replacement for ‘collection tin’ or ‘honesty box’ payments used at charity collection points, events, stalls and more.

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By working with us you get the peace of mind that comes from using proven, future-proofed technologies, not to mention the knowledge that we’ll continue to innovate on your behalf, so you’re always up with the play.

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