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Across New Zealand, we’ve supported businesses of every size for decades. From major banks to small retailers, our technology services are relied upon to deliver maximum uptime and reliability. Our customer-first ethos is key to our service, so we make sure our industry-leading, fully integrated automation and self-service solutions can be readily customised to meet the unique requirements of individual customers.

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Comprehensive technology solutions

Holistic technology

Holistic, thoughtful technology solutions that support your unique business needs.

Research and development

Specialists at our dedicated repair and diagnostic centre investigate any parts we replace to ensure that if they get returned to service, it’s because they’re fit for purpose.

Repair and diagnostics

Our secure diagnostic centre investigates replaced parts and performs complex repairs.

Software test lab facilities

Our software test lab facilities empowers you to manage risk, avoiding costly downtime to Our software test lab facilities empower you to manage risk, avoiding costly downtime.

Field maintenance and monitoring

Ensure low maintenance costs and reliable technology, all from a single point of contact.

We’re an Australasian leader in the design, build, and integration of world-leading parking technology. Since we opened for business in 1993, we’ve been providing reliable, industry-leading parking technology solutions globally. Now, we provide not only award-winning cashless payment services, but also maintenance services across all manufacturer makes and models of self-service devices.

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