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Touch-Free Parking

ParkEasy is the quick, easy and safe way to pay for parking

Your customers simply tap their phone or scan a QR code to pay. No need to download an app, register or sign up.

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It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3


TAP your phone or scan the QR code.

Your customers simply tap their phone on your parking meter, or scan a QR code on the meter or on signage. No need to pull out their credit card. No need to touch a screen or keypad that other people have touched.


PAY using Google Pay, Apple Pay or credit card.

Who’s got time to download yet another parking app? ParkEasy takes your customers directly to a secure, simple online portal to enter their plate number, choose time, and pay using one-tap GooglePay, Apple Pay, or by entering their credit card details.


And GO! No need to wait for a ticket or a receipt.

Your customers can choose to enter their email address to receive a receipt, check time remaining, and top-up time remotely. Or, they can simply pay and walk away. Easy come, easy go.


You’re on Easy Street (or building, or field)

We can remotely deploy ParkEasy prompts to display on the screen of your Metro parking meters, giving your customers the option to pay quickly and easily, without touching the screen or keypad. Or, you can display the QR code on a sign anywhere near your site - whether that’s on the street, in your parking building, or in a temporary parking lot set up in a field next to the sports game." ParkEasy seamlessly synchs with existing parking meter tariffs and card merchant accounts. And it works in perfect harmony with all Pay by Plate methods, including parking apps. Easy as.

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Combine ParkEasy with EasyView for a meter-free parking solution

ParkEasy allows you to collect revenue just by displaying a sign with the QR code, and the EasyView app allows you to quickly view infringing vehicles and enforce them using a mobile phone. Whether you want to monetise a few parking spaces, or set up temporary parking for an event, ParkEasy + EasyView allows you to get started quickly for a low monthly fee.

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GPS is the Australasian leader in the design, build, and integration of world-leading parking technology.

By working with us you get the peace of mind that comes from using proven, future-proofed technologies, not to mention the knowledge that we’ll continue to innovate on your behalf, so you’re always up with the play.

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